Sunday, Apr 20th

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New Computer Tools For SCC Public Access in 2012

In the ongoing quest to offer SCC producers the most up to date production tools and production opportunities, SCC public access will expand and upgrade computers available for use and in use at the SCC Community Media Center in 2012.

The expansion of computer offerings for producers at SCC is centered in Studio A, Nano Studio, and the SCC Dub Room.

Studio A will now feature a Macintosh computer tower for the purpose of digital file play-out for inclusion in live and recorded studio productions. This computer will also be an audio source by featuring iTunes for all audio play-out. And the best part, these features are only the start for possible production uses within this computer configuration!

As for the Nano Studio, a Macintosh computer tower will be in place for the purpose of dedicated file capturing as featured in Studio A. This functionality has been available in the Nano Studio since 2010, using the lap top, but a dedicated Macintosh computer for this purpose is the optimum configuration. This function is very simple for one and all. As in Studio A, SCC staff recommends a back up recording medium for all studio production capturing.

The SCC Dub Room will feature a dedicated Macintosh computer tower for a wide variety of pre-production, production and post-production purposes. This computer will be available as a fixed point for SCC producers to access email, download needed post production media assets, creation of PowerPoint presentations for channel 14 or 15 distribution, studio production material preparation, dub rack connectivity, future digital file uploading functionality…. and undoubtedly more.

These new computer options will be available January 2012. These additional computer tools enable SCC to continue to offer the most current, high quality production tools available for use by community producers and are just another step in improving the overall user experience. Add this to the recent upgrade of the computer monitor configuration and you have a maximized studio production experience.

There are no formal training implications or immediate certifications necessary for use of these new computer offerings. Having said that, it would be a good idea to visit the SCC media center on the front end in January 2012 to view and test-drive these new computer tools. The computer in Studio A will definitely present more options for studio productions and would merit a few minutes with SCC staff well in advance of your Studio A reservation time. This will ensure that your grasp of the computer’s production capabilities and computer file play-out is firm and resonates well with everyone.

A computer upgrade that may be invisible to SCC producers but will no doubt improve the experience for everyone is a new, upgraded Macintosh computer at the main access window. This computer upgrade will help facilitate a smoother, expedient and user-friendly equipment and channel reservation, equipment transaction, and any SCC producer database activity.

As always, contact us at 651.747.3830 if you have any questions regarding this upcoming computer expansion and upgrade. Also, the next time you’re at the community media center, feel free to seek out a friendly SCC staff person for the full low down on everything happening here at SCC.